Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where will A-rod Go?

John Heyman breaks down the candidates on SI.com.

The Blue Jays Say They Are out

Tigers Unlikely

Angels Could be in It or Maybe Not

Cubs Might not be Players

Phillies Are out

The White Sox have 88 million commited for 08 so I dont know if they can afford him but I think Kenny Williams will try and do something here.

So of the big Market teams that leaves the Mets, Red Sox, White Sox and Angels as the most likely suitors. I can't see the Red Sox with their hatred for all things A-Rod so take them off the list. The White Sox would have to unload some salary, the Angels are lukewarm and the Mets would have to move their franchise player to 1b. Sorry Boras but 10/330 isn't happening.

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