Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guest Post from Joe

Hey Brian - Congrats on your new contract!!! Thanks God for that. 

Too bad we had a injury–filled year. But I know things will get better. 

Good pitching will beat good hitting, but I wonder why we did not play more small ball to win games? Tampa has won like 13-14 one run games because they bunt and move runners into scoring position. When was the last time our big hitters have bunted to move runners? They always hit into double plays or strike out at the end of games, and the runners always die there and it ends up as another loss. I hope that when Joe goes into Spring Training, he puts aside a day just for All the players to practice on their  bunting so that they can be ready when called upon during the regular season. 

Can you imagine Alex bunting with runners on 1st and 2nd and nobody out instead of striking out? Home Runs don’t always win ball game, but team work does.  The Yanks could have won 15 more games if they had bunted in situations to win games. Small ball in June and July will get you into October playoff. Joe should be more aggressive in his strategy to win. 

The Captain, Jeter should have jumped into Ian Kennedy face when he said no big deal to losing a game!!  Send them back to the minors until they change their attitude. The rest of the staff will get the message. Where is the leadership on that team? Get someone else to be the captain. I hope you send this to Joe G. so that he can get an idea what he must do next year. I love the yanks, but with a new Stadium, we have to do two new things -

Nobody beats us in our new Stadium!! The new Stadium should be Death Valley for teams coming to play there. Look at Tampa home records. Our record should be twice as good as that and even better. That should be the Yankees new attitude for next year. 

Each player should try and help the other player on the team to be the hero instead of himself. That’s team work. 

Thanks for listening. 



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