Wednesday, February 3, 2010

PECOTA's on Crack

Let's ignore the fact that they have had to update their projections at least twice due to some kind of issue (Yanks 3rd? Yeah, better re-do!) - but a projected 836 runs scored for the '10 Yanks?

The Yanks scored 915 runs last year and allowed 753. While Vazquez should help the runs allowed number I doubt it gets as low as the 707 they project.

A drop of 79 runs scored, though, would be a big number. Yes, we lost Damon and Matsui, but Granderson's production will cancel out Damon, and a whole year of Arod + Nick Johnson should make up for the loss of Matsui.

(h/t RAB)


Rob A from BBD said...

Well the 836 runs they projected would still lead the league.

RyanYardis said...

Very true. The issue with these projection systems is everything is closer to the average then in reality. I guess they are fun to look at. However, when you look at the numbers they produce there is still too much of a gap between them and reality.

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