Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hey Yankee Fans, It Could Always be Worse

You could be a Mets fan.

Two straight years collasping down the stretch and losing two of three at home to the Marlins(the Marlins!)to seal the deal. Ouch.

I bet that closing ceremony following the game was a real blast.


Anonymous said...

13-12 in September is a collapse? Please. Your anti-Mets bias is showing through.
BTW, those Marlins had 4 less wins than your beloved Yanks, scored more runs, and gave up less. The Marlins scare me more as a Met fan next year than the Phillies do.

BombersGM said...

Up 3.5 with 17 to go and finish 7-10. That's a Choke!

The Phillies continue not to scare you as the walk away with division year after year.....

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