Monday, September 29, 2008

Mariano the Great

It is arguable, that at age 37, Mariano Rivera just completed his best regular season in his sure-fire first ballot, Hall of Fame career.

Mo's 1.40 ERA is the second lowest of his career (1.38 in 2005)
His 0.66 WHIP is the lowest of his storied career (0.86 in 2005)
He gave up a career-low 11 earned runs for the entire season.
Mo walked a ridiculous 6 (SIX!!) batters all year long and struck out 77 (12+ k/bb)

In case you think maybe Mo did all of this in less than an average amount of work, Mo has averaged 73 innings per year (even including his 107 inning year in '96 as Wetteland's set-up man) and logged 70 2/3 this year.
Oh, Mo pitched all year with a sore shoulder too.

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