Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Centerfield Issues- A Guest Post

Now that the Yankee’s have shored up their starting pitching with two great talents, and signed a true first baseman for the next eight years I have been wondering what we are planning on “really doing” about our glaring hole in centerfield?  We have more than enough corner outfielders but no true centerfielder to patrol that so important area for us for the next year and the many to follow.  I realize a lot of us are waiting for a prospect by the name of Austin Jackson to be our regular centerfielder, but I also realize he is young and is still developing his trait.  Personally as a Yankee fan I don’t like seeing prospects rushed through the system per say in order to fill holes like we did with Cano and Wang; which we must ALL ADMIT AS YANKEE FANS that we were EXTREMELY LUCKY with!!!  I keep reading that Jackson should be ready to deliver for the big club by ’10, but I still don’t see that being an absolute certainty.  Plus I must admit I am one who likes to have options, and at this point I don’t see any other option in our minor league system at this position but him!  Wouldn’t it behoove us to possibly trade some of our corner outfield talent and possibly some our pitching talent (which we get good reviews of so often these days) and trade for another centerfielder/centerfield prospect.  I know this would make me feel a LOT MORE COMFORTABLE about our situation going ahead!  Personally if I had my druthers I would be pursuing a player such a Cameron Maybin from the Florida Marlins who are ALWAYS willing to deal players, but I do realize they are much more willing when they are due their “pay day” than while still being under their control!  I think we have more than enough talent in terms of developed/experienced players and prospects to make such a move, and secure our future centerfielder for the next ten years with such a bold move.  Thus making it more and more of a smarter move as the clock ticks closer to spring training for us!  Then again perhaps I am just another “over worried” Yankee fan/fanatic who wants/expects too much of his team???



YankeeGM said...


First, thanks for the post! We love hearing from our readers.

Second, options are great, but I don't think the situation is one that demands immediate attention.

There is no doubt that the combo of Melky and Gardner will provide plus defense in CF; the question is whether they can hit enough to justify a spot in the line-up. While he did not perform particularly well after May last year, we need to remember that the Melk Man is still incredibly young. I think you need to give a 24 year old switch hitter who plays a plus CF plenty of opportunity to succeed. In addition, we have yet to see what Brett Gardner can do with an extended look. Gardner also plays a plus CF and has the speed to be a force on the basepaths. Based on the strength of our line up top to bottom, I believe we can show patience with these 2 and even if they both fail miserably not suffer too much because of it.

As for Camron Maybin, are you willing to give up Hughes, Kennedy and Ajax to get him? Maybin is among the top 4 or 5 prospects in baseball and is cheaply under team control for a number of years to come. In other words- he really isn't a trade option. Remember, the Marlins gave up Miguel Cabrera for him!

While CF is a question mark, between Ajax, Melky and Gardner we have a trio of youngsters that need to be looked at before making any moves.

Reggie44 said...

I'd give up Kennedy and other prospects for Maybin (excluding Hughes and Ajax!) to get a deal like that done; yes indeed. I "might" even be willing to part ways with Cano under "the right circumstances"; which I must admit he is FAR from being a favorite player of mine!

In my eyes Cano is too "lackadaisical", doesn't always put forth his best effort, wanders, and simply doesn't live up to his "true potential" which could be absolutely tremendous!

So with the pieces gained from a Cano trade; which I would substitute Hudson with. Take the pieces from the Cano trade and add Kennedy plus "most likely" some other pieces....YES CALL ME ABSOLUTELY CRAZY I'D DO IT!!!

Then again I place a very large significance of importance on center field in terms of strong fielding and hitting production relating to a teams overall success as a whole. I do agree that the Melk Man has potential and is young, but as I stated or will state now..."I like having strong options"!

I also realize I will be "ripped" for mentioning a "Cano trade" possibility, lol. I simply just want what's best for the Yanks this year and the many coming years!!! Sometimes addition through subtraction is how it must be done. Not that I am implying my idea(s) are the correct one's; simply my humble ideas.

Best Regards,

daneptizl said...

How about Hamilton... Nady, Kennedy, McCallister, and a couple bullpen arms? If they want Gardner or Melky, they can be thrown in as well...

Anonymous said...

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