Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So our plan for utter world domination is complete - signing Teixeira adds the last piece to the '09 puzzle and the Canyon of Heroes should once again be awash in Yankee confetti this November.

Let's get one thing straight - this is not simply the Yanks trying to 'buy' a championship. This is NOT the Stein-crew opening the wallet for a free agent frenzy. As much as the rest of MLB and the media whine and cry about it, the Yanks' signing of CC, AJ and Tex is nothing short of superior money management. Replacing the $80+million of past-their-prime declining stars with $60-ish million of players aged 28, 29 and 31 is not a spending spree, and it certainly is not recklessly throwing money around.

The Yankees, through an awesome game plan and exceptional execution, have replenished their team with higher quality, YOUNGER players while spending LESS money then last year's payroll.

Is it pure chance that we have all of this payroll coming off in a talent-rich free agency year? I think not.

Bask in our awesomeness all you lesser minds and managers. Prepare once again to be dominated by the hated Yankees - as our plan is complete and all of your whining and calls for a salary cap won't help your team now!


Carlos Echevarria said...

Awesome analysis, I can't stand those idiots on ESPN (Boston Red Sox News Network) bemoaning the Yanks and our payroll.

Hey, we haven't won since '00 last time I checked and if Mr. Cheapo, John Henry, wanted Tex he could have had him for a couple more bucks...

Let me get this straight, they let Manny go but can't increase their payroll for a couple of mil on the best hitter on the market????

Anonymous said...

Yes, once agin the Yankees had a great game plan. I loved how they planned to sign Pavano, pay him all that money so that his contract would be up in time to sign Burnett who can take Pavano's place on the DL. Who isn't jealous of the Giambi years? He gave them his all and it was all planned in time for Tex to step in and replace him. Although, I don't know how the Yankees can top Pavano and Giambi. I think we can all agree that we can expect the same stellar success from CC that we got from Kevin Brown, RocketMan, and Randy Johnson. Who can stop us?
The Yankees are so much smarter and manage their money so much better than every other MLB team. I think the Phillies and Rays would back me up on this. They wish they could have the success we've had.
I think considering the last 7 or 8 years of Yankee FA signings and the bargain basement prices they have paid for the results pretty much gaurantee that NY will win yet another world series this decade. Go Yanks!

Anonymous said...

The best hitter on the market is Manny.

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