Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I don't care.

For the hard of hearing - I DON'T CARE!

Yeah, it sucks that the legacy of Arod is being draggen through the mud, but I really could care less.

It's not because he's a Yankee (though it doesn't hurt); it's because as more and more information comes out on the "Steroid Era" it has become obvious that pretty much everyone was doing it!

There are 103 unknown names on the 'tested positive' list, and countless others that were smart enough to get off before testing started.

Let's stop making each and every new name a news-worthy revelation and just concede that if the person played between 1998 and 2003 he was on the juice, ok?

I've been reading both the papers and the blogs and comments the past week or so and while it sure seems that most fans feel the same way as I do (a non-story at this point), the main-stream media keeps pushing and pushing the issue. The Super Bowl is over, spring training hasn't started yet, the Knicks won't be news-worthy 'till the King comes in 2010, and hockey...well hockey is just hockey - there's nothing else to write about!

I am sick and tired of steroid talk - we're 2 days from pitchers and catchers. Go Yanks!

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