Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who Should the Yankees Avoid?

So the inevitable Manny whispers have begun, CC is waiting for the contract offer that will set the market and AJ Burnett is preparing his opt out letter. We know the Yankees are interested in these free among others but who should they avoid at all costs? Who is just so completely wrong for NY, the Yankees and the direction of the team? Let's take a look;

Mike Cameron
This is a classic Cashman move. Why take a chance on a young player who costs nothing(Gardner) with upside when you can pay millions for an older version with very little to no upside? This is very similiar to Morgan Ensberg move this year. The Yankees signed Ensberg and Shelly Duncan lost any chance at playing time. Now Cameron is a lot move valuable then Ensberg is but it is the classic Yankee move of needing a brand name when the kid with some upside is clearly the better choice.

Manny Ramirez for more then two years
He is 36 and is nothing more then a DH. Overpay for two years but DO NOT sign this man for any longer.

Andy Pettitte
I love Andy Pettite but he looked absolutely done to end the year. His performance down the stretch really cost the Yankees this year. The time to make sure Andy stayed was after 2003, not 2008. Let him walk.

Mike Mussina for more then a Year
My guess is that he retires but if he doesn't offer him one year but that is all. The man is in territory few successful pitchers venture into to(Age of 40+)

Nomar, Pedro or Derek Lowe
One declining former Red Sox is enough.

Randy Johnson
HA! Even Cashman isn't that stupid....

Oliver Perez

Perez has a ton of upside and has shown the ability to pitch well in the big spot.However, the Yankees need answers not more questions in their rotation. Also, a player who is unstable and inconsistent will just get over exposed and exploited with the Yankees.


Rad said...

I think Manny should be avoided all together, even for 1 year. I actually like Pettite for 1 more season, but not at $16 million. Also, I don't think we need Pettitte AND Mussina, 1 or the other is fine.

I don't why they are even considering making Lowe an offer.

Good job

Timothy said...

Aj Burnett should definately be avoided. Why do we want a pitcher who is only able to pitch a full season when he is playing for a contract? He is oft injured. 80 million for Burnett seems insane. He killed the Yankees and thats what the Yankees remember and see him as so much value. If he was not always injured I think he would be a great choice if he was healthy because his stuff is electric. But this is not the choice for the yankees.

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