Friday, June 13, 2008

CC Bronx-bound?

With the Indians 6.5 games behind the pale hose, and Victor Martinez headed for season-ending elbow surgery, Tyler Kepner speculates that Mark Shapiro may be putting CC Sabathia up for grabs.

Sabathia would be perfect for what ails the Yanks. A true lefty ace to pitch in front of Wang, Pettitte, Joba and Moose would make the Yankee rotation extremely formidable. The obvious question is - what would we have to give up to get him?

Kepner throws the name Robbie Cano out there - is he nuts? Yeah, Robbie has struggled mightily this year; but to trade a young, somewhat proven middle infielder for 3 months of even Sandy Koufax makes no sense.

If we can get CC for a package of say Horne, McCutchen (or Wordekemper) and a lower level bat not named Jesus - I would do it.

Having depth in the farm system allows for action in exactly this type of opportunity. We all know that not every prospect the Yanks have is going to develop into a major leaguer. And while it's only 3 months of CC, it would not only give us a leg-up on signing him long term, but also make us a much stronger team this year.

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