Monday, June 23, 2008

Windmill Willie

First of all, Willie is one of my all-time favorites. Because of that, I have not been rooting for the Muts to fail these past 4 years. Now that the Mets have yet again proven their lack of class and ability to handle a situation properly I hope they go the rest of the season without winning a game.

While I don't believe that Willie would accept a position on Gen. Joe's staff, I do think the Yanks should put Willie back in pinstripes, let him don his #30 and somehow have him make an appearance at the All-Star game. If given the chance, Yankee fans would welcome Willie home with open arms and help remind him where his true home is.

Secondly (ok), none of the issues surrounding the Mets were Willie's fault (ok). He was given an old team (ok) without a 1B, a bad bullpen (ok) and a AAA bench; he did abut as well as he could have (ok). The GM (ok) should have been the one to go (ok).

While his comments about SNY and racism were a little odd, and his handling of Reyes could have been better, I think Willie did a very good job with the hand he was dealt.


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Anonymous said...

Ummm - and the Yankees handled the Torre situation any better? Come on!

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