Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yankees Shouldn't Give up On Edwar

Admittedly Edwar Ramirez has looked a bit lost lately. The double he gave up to Delagado on Friday was the beginning of the end and his June Stats are pretty awful - 9IP 9hits 6bb 12ks. His stuff has not looked as crisp as early on in the season and players are sitting on his change. What can't be forgotten is the way he started the year and the flashes of domination he has shown. People are excited about the arrival of David Robertson and rightfully so; his minor league numbers are sick 136 ip 187ks .92 whip and a 1.12 era. But guess what? Edwar's might be better 56ip 102ks .85 whip and a .79 era in 2007.

He also showed two months of perfection in the majors so its not like his stuff doesn't translate at all to the big league level. His problem has been consistency which is to be expected with a young player. It appears as soon as Edwar has a little trouble his confidence crumbles and he starts to move away from using his fastball. Giradi and co need to be patient with Edwar and let him develop into what I think he could be - a very effective 7th inning pitcher.

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