Friday, November 2, 2007

Abreu Likely to return - Smart Long term Move for Yankes

The Yankees appear to be leaning towards picking up the Bobby Abreau option for another year. Lets project their OF for the next three years;
2008 - Cost 43 Million
2009 - Cost 18 Million
2010 - Cost 5 Million
I am a huge fan of short term commitments, overpay for shorter years and avoid the overage superstar that the team fells compelled to play(Kevin Brown, Randy Johnson, and to a lesser extent Damon and Giambi). The other options include Tori Hunter Aaron Roward and Andrew Jones. All would take a larger commitment in terms of years and would not return the type of offense that Abreu provides. The short commitment to Abreu allows the Yankees the ability to make a big splach heading into the new Yankee Stadium. The free agent class after 08 will be an attractive one to say the least;
Notable OFers available;
Pat Burrell
Carl Crawford(Team Option most likely will be exercised)
Mark Kotsay
Adam Dunn
Notable 1B Avalable;
Mark Texiera
Notable 3B Avalable;
Troy Glaus
Hank Blalock
Joe Crede
Notable Relievers;
Joe Nathan
Rafael Soriano
Brad Lidge
Jason Isringhausen
Brian Fuentes
Notable Starters;
CC Sabathia
Johna Santana
Jake Peavy(Team Option)
Brad Penny
John Lackey(Team Option)
Ben Sheets
Oliver Perez
John Smoltz

Now not all of these players will make it to free agency but some certainly will. The opt-out in addition to avoiding long term commitments to this offseason might allow the Yankees to sign 2 additional players from this pool of talent. So I ask you which is better? A-rod, Hunter and let's say Texiera(Total Cost 65 Million a year) or now letting the kids fill into the OF next year and signing Texiera, Blalock, K-Rod and Sabathia(total cost approx 65 million a year)?

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