Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gammons Loves him some Red Sox

On the day the Cy Young was annouced Peter Gammons decided to address the topic the only way he knows how, from the Red Sox point of view. Peter can only justify Sabathia's award when comparing how he did to Beckett and what the Indians did in contrast to the Sox. It really has come to the point where this blatant home town bias is to be expected of Gammons. What ever happened to the baseball insider with a intelligent point of view?

Anyway some of the reader comments on the blog entry and priceless;

  • "Now you can take a bath with Schilling and Beckett and when they are out of the tube, drink all the water left and be happy"
  • "Why does every story need a Boston angle with you Mr. Gammons? I know you might not agree, but baseball was not invented, nor was it perfected at Fenway"
  • "You ended an article about CC Sabathia with how great Schilling and Beckett are. You are the Fox News equivalent of a Sports Journalist"
  • "Gammons continues his 19-year ESPN tongue-kiss with the Boston Red Sox. Thrilling"
  • "I used to have respect for peter gammons. The guys is a true boston shill though. Almost every single one of his articles has to do with praising the red sox. Broaden your horizona peter."

They go on and on. Really Peter, it is time to retire and sit next to Stephen King in the stands and leave the reporting to those who still pretend not to be biased.

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