Monday, November 12, 2007

Yankees are being Tempted

A sampling of the pitching names being discussed in trade talks so far this offseason includes:
  1. Johan Santana (28)
  2. Scott Kazmir(23)
  3. Erik Bedard (28)
  4. Danny Haren (27)
  5. Dontrelle Willis (25)
  6. Tim Lincecum (23)

With every GM in baseball preaching the value of young, under contract, front-line pitching, why are there so many young, under contract, front-line pitchers being shopped? The only explanation is that there is even better, younger, and cheaper pitchers potentially available.

You might ask who has such an incredible asset, and who might be willing to trade it? Probably nobody, but it sure looks like these teams and hoping to tempt the Yankees. Specifically, these teams are making a run at Joba and Phil Hughes (Sorry Ian Kennedy fans, he looks good, but he's no Joba or Phil!) .

This bit of news should be both welcomed and feared by the Yankee fan. Welcomed because it means there are a lot of teams who feel Hughes and Joba are uber-special players.

Feared because the Yankees are going to be really tested this year. The argument goes - why not trade a potential ace for a current one? Certainly a reasonable argument; in this case, however, we could be looking at 2 elite, once in a generation talents beginning their careers at the same time, on the same team!

This off-season is shaping up to be pivotal in determining the Yankees makeup for the foreseeable future. Based on the quality and quantity of young arms being dangled for Joba and Hughes, trading either could be something that is regreted for years to come.

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