Thursday, November 8, 2007

Possible Japanese Import

With the MLB free agent pool so thin expect a lot of action around the Japanese free agents. The most intriguing from a Yankee perspective is Hitoki Iwase.


"The lefty closer has 40+ saves three years running with a career 1.91 ERA. Tops out at around 93 MPH, but has arguably the best slider in Japan. He's starting to lose movement and velocity on his pitches, but is making up for it with very good control. A nice fit for the Okajima fetishist."

Left reliever with a career era of 1.91 and a funky delivery. Reading through the reports of both him and Okajima he seems to be the better of the two which given Okajima's success makes him even more attractive. There have been some reports of him losing some off the fastball but in the least he seems like a nice situational lefty.

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