Monday, November 19, 2007

Your 2010 New York Yankees

I thought it would be fun to take a look into the future and put together what I believe to be the Yankee team of the future.

1B - Mark Texiera

As Texiera is represented by the devil hinself (Boris), there is little doubt he will hit the market as a free agent after the 2008 season. Coincedentally, Jason Giambi's onerous contract is up in 2008 as well not only freeing up the necessary money (well, maybe not necessary...), but a roster spot as well. Texiera is a lifetime .286/.371/539 hitter with obvious plus power and run producing skills. He possesses excellent defensive skills and is equally productive from both sides of the plate (3 yr splits - .316/.391/.553 vs lefties, .288/.379/.549 vs righties). In other words, the Yanks will go hard after him once he hits the market, and, as a 29 yr old in early '09, I expect a long term deal with the Yanks will result.

2B - Robbie Cano
SS - Derek Jeter
3B - Alex Rodriguez
C - Jesus Montero

Signed in '06 as a 16 year old out of Venezuela, Montero is a mega-power prospect. The biggest question is whether Montero, at 6'4" 230, will grow too large to catch. His power has been termed by more than one scout as an 80 (on the 20-80 scale).

LF - Carl Crawford

The Rays hold an option on Crawford for the '09 season (which I expect will be exercised by whatever team he plays for), and he is scheduled to hit the market as a 29 year old free agent after that. Crawford's avg and OBP have increased each of the last 3 years (.301/.331, .305/.348, .315/.355) and he can be counted on for 50 stolen bases pretty much every year.

CF - Austin Jackson

I would love to have Melky here, but he is destined for more important things (see below). A-Jax is a very raw, 'tools' player. He has excellent speed, shown a plus glove, and has exhibited great upside. In high A ball as a 20 yr old in '07 (284 PAs), Jackson posted an impressive .345/.398/.566 line with 10 HR and 13 SBs. A potentially great combination of power and speed, A-Jax could be the starting CF in the Bronx by 2009.

RF - Jose Tabata

The highly touted rookie should be entering his first full season in 2010 as the everyday right fielder after a mid-season call-up in '09. Tabata so far projects to be a very Paul O'Neil/Bernie Williams type of player; high average with mid-20's HR power. He is very young, however, and there is plenty of time for additional power to develop.

DH - Adam Dunn

The proverbial lefty slugger, Dunn has made some nice improvements over the past couple of years. While his power is undisputed, (40+ HR each of the last 4 years) Dunn enjoyed a more rounded success in 2007. In 2006 Dunn posted a .234 BA and .365 OBP; in '07 those numbers improved to .264/.386. Dunn's career OBP is actually pretty good at .381, he is durable (150+ games the last 4 years) and as right field at Yankee Stadium is not the most challenging defensive postion on the field, he should fare well there on an occasional basis.

Starting Rotation

Johan Santana

Aquired in the winter prior to the '08 season for Melky Cabrera, Ian Kennedy, Brett Gardner and Alan Horne, Santana leads a still young Yankee staff in 2010

Phil Hughes

Joba Chamberlain

Chien-Ming Wang

AJ Burnett

Signed as a free agent after the 2009 season

Closer - Humberto (The Dirty) Sanchez

Lineup -











Anonymous said...

seems like a realistic group. adam dunn, i'm not sure about, but i can see the rest coming together.


Corey said...

where's posada? He did get a 4 year deal worth a ton of cash no?I'd say dunn is probably not going to put posada as DH.

I can see Tex bein on the team, since the braves wouldnt be able to afford him. The only thing is would the braves trade him and the other team extend his contract...

i dont think that package is good enough to land santana...i think you might have to swap hughes in for kennedy.

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