Friday, November 2, 2007

Replacing a-dope's production

Talk in Yankee-land recently has rightfully centered on the fact that with vastly improved pitching (which we project to have in '08 compared to'07), it will not be necessary to completely replace the astronomical numbers put up by our former egocentric third baseman. While I agree, we will definitely need better 'O' than what Betemit and DouggieGlove could provide.

One potential option has us sending SWB to the Marlins for MiggyCab and plugging the Manny-clone into 3B for the next 10 yrs. Definitely one option. If, however you've been watching Brian Cashman the past 2 or 3 yrs you realize there is a remote chance of this actually happening. Cashman has done a great job of developing one of the stronger farm systems in MLB and would likely be reluctant to part with the young talent a stud like MigCab would command.

An alternative would be to try and get more even production from our corner infield spots by bolstering both positions.

One combination that works would be signing free agent Carlos Pena to play 1B and trading for Miguel Tejada of the Orioles. The production of these 2 would go a long way toward making up the loss of the 1 in Stevie (I hate the Yankees) Phillips' 24-1 comment.

The fly in the ointment of the above plan is that Pena is represented by Scott (angel of death) Boris, and Tejada plays for a team owned by a schizophrenic moron.

Pena had a career year in '07. Boris makes his clients rich by convincing unwitting GM's and owners that the career year will be the norm. I don't think Cash will buy what Boris is gonna be selling, but I do think a deal can get done. A one year deal for something like $9mm should be enough to whet Pena's whistle and if he repeats his 07 numbers there is always a line around the block for 40 hr, excellent glove 1B.

As to prying Tejada away from Angelos, it really should not take more than Ohlendorf and a class C prospect to acquire the privilege of paying an aging Tejada $15mm for the next 2 yrs. Whether Angelos bites? Who knows, but that is really fair value.

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