Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bullpen Thoughts

Some random thoughts on the Yankees bullpen;

  • Kyle Farnsworth - Has anyone else noticed his decreased velocity? I noticed it last year particularly in the first half and the information at fangraphs backs it up. In 2006 his average fastball was 96.2 MPH, in 2007 94.7. Still plenty of giddy-up but not like it was. He has always relied on having an overpowering fastball, and the dip in velocity could help explain his alarming drop in k rate ( 2006 10.23, 2007 7.20). Watch his k rate and velocity early, it could be a sign he isn't the old Kyle.

  • Scott Patterson - The guy has earned a spot. He has allowed 1 batter to reach in 6 innings this spring. If it really was an open competition he would be in.

  • Edwar Ramirez - He has the second most strikeouts of any Yankee pitcher this spring (12) and has shown improved controlled by only walking 2. The bad news is his 4.91 era. While he probably will never be an eighth inning guy due to his average fastball, his changeup could be a devastating change of pace in the 6th or 7th inning.

  • Latroy Hawkins - He appears to be a different pitcher. Much more of a ground ball pitcher so he might be a decent pickup after all.

  • Jeff Karstens - Looks like he blew his chance. Too bad...I was rooting for him.

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