Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring Training TV Game 1

Some important take aways from the first televised spring training game of the year
  • Andy Pettitte apparently personally apologized to every team member, front office, person and media member for his involvement with steroids. I was not able to confirm if he apologized to the towel boy but my guess is he did. This is why we love Andy, he is a stand-up guy both with his actions and on the field.
  • Jason Giambi looks good. He actually hit a ball to the left of CF.
  • Giuseppie Franco is back. No sign of Gary Bussey but this man can't be stopped. I don't know if I can handle viewing this guy another 5,000 times. I have a full head of hair but am willing to buy a lifetime supply if they will just stop playing these damn commercials!
  • Bruney struggled despite a new physique and a new attitude.

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