Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lacking Integrity

Living in NY we have a number of choices for daily newspapers -

Newsday is very Long Island centric
The NY Times is the epitome of a liberal propaganda rag
The Village Voice is a decent paper (though they go beyond the Times on some issues), but doesn't really cover sports

Which leaves, outside of the very small independents, the NY Post and the Daily News. Both of these papers are called 'tabloids' due to the sensational nature of their content, headlines and reporting. No paper is worse, however, than the NY Daily News. It should therefore come as no surprise when today's headlines read: "A-Roid?"

The News is referring to allegations in Jose 'Money-Grubbing Scumbag' Canseco's new book that somehow tie A-Rod to steroids.

We all knew Canseco was going to try and bring A-Rod into the steroid finger-pointing party. Not only had we heard A-Rod whispers from Canseco before, but in order to sell as many books as possible he had to bring the biggest star in the game into the discussion.

We also all know that the allegations against A-Rod are completely fabricated. The first ghostwriter Canseco tried to hire refused the assignment because he felt the A-Rod stuff completely lacked credibility.

The caption under the Daily News headline reads:

"Alex Rodriguez finds himself under cloud of suspicion yesterday as Jose Canseco says in new book he's 'confident' Yankee slugger used steroids."

Confident?!? Canseco is slinging names and allegations like a short order cook slings hash and the best he can come up with is confident??

The Post is not as bad as the News, but their back page read - "Juicy Tale." The caption under the headline reads:

"Alex Rodriguez was unfazed yesterday by Jose Canseco's charges in his latest book, "Vindicated," in which Canseco alleges he "introduced Alex to a supplier of steroids" and that Rodriguez tried to sleep with Canseco's then wife, Jessica. "I really have absolutely no reaction," A-Rod said."

Are you kidding me? In my past I was introduced to Michael Skakel; does that mean I am a killer?

As to trying to sleep with Canseco's wife Jessica...Who cares? While A-Rod's sex life is among the things I am least interested in (ranking somewhere between Hillary Clinton's menstrual cycle and Michael Moore's view on anything), have you seen a picture of her? While I never condone extramarital activities, even Cynthia would probably give A-Rod a high five on that one!

The MGS (Money-Grubbing Scumbag) also writes in his book -

"So A-Rod, if you're reading this book, and if I'm not getting through to you, let's get clear on one thing: I hate your (bleeping) guts."

Shock! The broke, paranoid ex-player has a vendetta against the games biggest and highest paid star!

So let's see...
1. A writer refuses a paycheck due to a lack of allegation credibility
2. Canseco desperately needs the book to sell well because he squandered the $45million + he made over his playing career
3. A desperate Canseco tried to extort Maglio Ordonez in an effort to bring in money
4. The book simply alleges that Canseco 'introduced' A-Rod to a steroid dealer
5. Canseco alleges that A-Rod tried to sleep with his wife
6. Canseco 'hates A-Rod's guts'

Yet still, the Daily News prints sensational headlines as if A-Rod was caught with a needle in his backside.

I completely understand that these papers use their back page to attract attention to the paper and get people to buy them. What I will never understand is how the Daily News gets away with some of the back pages they print. They are many times nothing but sensational fabrications and completely lack any journalistic integrity.

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