Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cervelli injured - First Test for General Joe

When I think of a defining moment for the Joe Torre style of management I think of the Pedro vs. Zimmer. Here was a guy in Pedro who repeatedly went for the heads of the Yankees best players and the tone set former the top was to maintain dignity and focus on the game. Now this strategy might have actually helped add to Pedro's frustration but it also hurt the Yankees quite a bit over the years. How often did the Red Sox hit our best players and pitch inside while we nibbled on the outside corner for fear of creating conflict?

With the hiring of General Joe my first reaction was " Now can we finally back Ortiz off homeplate?!?" Well, Girardi has a chance to send a message with the bush league play by the Rays yesterday that resulted in a broken wrist for Cervelli. A public scorning is not enough, Giradi needs to mandate that a Yankee come at a Rays player when they meet next. This will make it known that you can no longer throw inside, slide spikes first or generally push the complacent Yankees around without repercussions.

If nothing happens I fear the time when the only person with the balls to stand up to the opposition is an 80 year-old man with a metal plate in his head hasn't left us.

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