Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Season, New Manager, New Attitude?

Shelley's slide (see below) was a touch over the top. It was blatant and could have gotten the Rays' second baseman hurt, so I am not really condoning it. What I am hoping it shows, however, is a new attitude for the team this year.

For far too long we have been the buttoned-down, corporate Yankees who have been pushed around far too much. For far too long the Pedro Martinezes and John MacDonalds of the world have gotten in our faces and challenged us with impunity.

In addition to representative performance, I believe that a certain attitude has been something missing from the Yanks and contributed to our lack of post season success.

It's time to actually BE the big bad Yankees again. It's time for us to start not only beating the snot out of the competition, but also doing so with the attitude that represents our position in the sport.

No longer can pitchers buzz Arod knowing we will do nothing about it. No longer can Jeter take a 95 MHP heater on the left elbow without retribution. No longer can 5 foot 7 inch shortstops call one of our own 'bush-league' and challenge him in the press without feeling the pain in return.

We are already the 'Hated Yankees,' the 'Evil Empire'...I really hope yesterday's actions show that we are ready to start living up to those names.

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