Friday, February 15, 2008

2008 Free Agents

The following contracts will be expiring at the end of the 2008 season:

Jason Giambi - $21mm
Bobby Abreau - $16mm
Andy Pettitte - $16mm
Carl Pavano - $10mm
Mike Mussina - $11.5mm
Kyle Farnsworth - $5.5mm

Total - $80 million.

(You think CC's agent knew this when he broke off talks with the Indians?)

There are some pretty interesting names that are currently headed for the '08 free agent class; some names the Yanks may have interest in:

Mark Texiera
Tex will be 29 at the start of the '09 season and is a perfect fit for the Yanks. A switch hitting, great glove power-hitting first baseman? Sign him up - (anticipated Yankee contract - $18mm AAV x 6yrs)

Hank Blalock
In the event we can't sign Tex, Blalock would be a fair backup plan.

CC Sabathia
Umm...28, lefty, Cy Young winner, 200+ ip per year, no injury history...nah. (Anticipated Yankee contract $22.5mm AAV x 6 years)

Adam Dunn
Dunn likewise will be 29 starting the '09 season, and as Hmat and Damon will be in their last year and probably in wheelchairs, we need some OF power help. When Ajax and Tabata are ready, Dunn will slide nicely into the DH role. (Anticipated Yankee contract - $15mm AAV x 4 years)

AJ Burnett
As he has the ability to opt out of his contract at the end of this season, look for Burnett to have a monster year. There has never been any question about the guy's talent, but staying healthy has been his main challenge. As he will be 32 entering 2009, look for someone to give AJ a 4 year deal worth about $15-$18mm per. I hope it's not the Yanks.

Brad Lidge
Depending on how his season plays out, and how the youngsters in the Yankee 'pen develop, Lidge might be a good pickup for '09 and beyond. If a couple of Veras/Melancon/Sanchez/Ohlendorf/Ramirez develop, however, Lidge won't be needed.

Between Tex, CC and Dunn the Yanks would be doling out $55.5mm of the $80 coming off the books. With the balance we need to sign IPK, Joba and Phil to long term deals.


Old Goat said...

I don't see the Yankees signing any of the young pitchers to multi-year deals that soon.

If they didn't sign Wang to one yet, the Trinity won't get them yet either.

They have to prove themselves. This year is the first year for Joba and IPK.

I can see Teixeira in Pinstripes, but will he be available? CC would be a nice addition to the rotation and I tend to doubt that the Indians will sign him for what he is thinking of getting.

YankeeGM said...

Goat -

Tex is a Boris client...he'll be available.

I agree the Yanks won't sign the Trinity, but they SHOULD.

jscape2000 said...

You forgot to mention K-Rod.

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