Monday, February 4, 2008

Bellichump needs some class

Between his monosyllabic post-game interview, and leaving the field before the game was over last night, Bill Bellichek yet again showed himself a classless sore loser.

Congrats to the Giants for completely outplaying and outcoaching the Pats.

Hey Bill - there's a big difference between despising losing, and completely lacking class and grace. Your parents must be so proud.


Anonymous said...

AMEN. Not only a cheater but a classless sore loser. Hats off to the Giants.

Old Goat said...

It was his attitude and arrogance that lead to the Pats failing in the Super Bowl.

No FG attempt on 4th down and 17 to go, but goes for it? At the very least it would have meant a tie instead of a loss at the end of regulation.

Glad his team lost. Looking forward to the year suspention he gets once the other tape gets out.

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