Wednesday, February 6, 2008

MacNamee MUST be Joking!

Are you kidding me? Syringes, swabs and gauze from 2000 and 2001?

First of all, why the hell would he keep these things when, at the time, Roger was not only ManNamee's meal ticket, but was also "teaching (him) how to be a father and a man"?

Secondly, DNA on a syringe swab and/or gauze means only that it touched Roger at some point. When it touched him was it full of B12? Lidocaine? Who knows?

This not only proves nothing, but makes MacNamee look a lot worse.

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Old Goat said...

Not to mention that he took the syringes, supposedly, from Clemens garbage can, and they were in a beer can, which he also kept.

I can't for certain say Clemens is innocent. I can say that McNamee is coming out looking worse and worse.

Think about this. One thing liars tend to do is keep adding to their stories. The original statements are never enough. They add, see some doubt, add some more, then more.

With all this we had McNamee giving his Mitchell story. Then he added about Clemens having that boil on his butt from the shots - even though that was not confirmed by anyone. Then he comes out with the "evidence" then throws Clemens' wife into the mix.

What will be next? His cat getting these shots? Proof being some hairballs with a syringe sticking out?

Then the maid, then the car wash guy Clemens uses, then the milkman (its always the milkman after all)...

And all the while Radomski gets probation.

Lets see, a drug dealer gets probation and the players - who never get their due process thanks to Mitchell - are the ones who get the punishment.

Being that this is for the children, so we are told, I guess the lesson is that they should be drug dealers. Money is good, risk of going to jail nil, while being a ball player you could go to jail.

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