Friday, February 8, 2008

Cashman Overstepping?

A little more on Cash's statement that Moose will begin the year in the rotation.

I understand that Joe G is a new manager for the Yanks. I also understand that Brian might be feeling a little impotent with Hank taking the spotlight on the Johan debacle. But unless Cashman is prepared to send one of the Big 3 to SWB isn't it Girardi's decision who pitches and when?

If Cash wants to limit The Beast's (Joba's) innings, then he can have Girardi start Joba in the pen. If he REALLY wants Moose to start he can send Ikky (IPK) to SWB to start the season. Short of that it is General Joe's decision who the starting 5 are and comments such as those posted by PA only serve to undermine Joe G...don't you agree?

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Old Ranger said...

I beleive Cash was just trying to give the thoughts of the management(Joe included). He has already stated, it will be up to Joe to put the best team on the field. He didn't over step/undermine Joe at all. 27/08

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