Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hall of Champions

With the Yanks having given out Paulie's #21 to a guy on a minor league contract, there has been much discussion about retiring numbers and who deserves it. With as storied a history as the Yankees have, I think they need to create a new honor for players to be recognized as great Yankees, but fall short of inclusion in Monument Park - the Yanks should create a 'Hall of Champions.'

Essentially the HOC would be an honor for players like Paul O'Neill that were great Yankees but would maintain the integrity of Monument Park for the likes of Ruth, Gehrig, Joe D and Mantle. A player included in the Hall of Champions would get his day, be immortalized at the Stadium, but his number would not be retired.

Every team that wins a World Series would have their leaders included in the HOC, and it would create debate about players like Willie Randolph , Goose, and Nettles from the 70's teams, and O'Neill, Cone, and Tino from the 90's.

Foir $1.3 billion, maybe it's not too late to add a room to the new Stadium?

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