Tuesday, February 26, 2008

4 Days to Michael Kay's Sweet Annoying Voice

I can almost smell baseball, real baseball has almost returned. Yes, it will be meaningless spring training games but I can't wait to see Joba, Phil and Crew. I can't remember a season with more anticipation then this one from the first pitch of spring training, I can't wait. Other years it was ho-hum talk let's play some real games but with all of these kids what happens in Florida will be news and worth watching.
4 days(3/1) to First Sprint Training Game
5 days(3/2) to First Sprint Training Telecast

So far the stories of spring training have surrounded the new attitude with Girardi on board. It seems that almost every player was called personally and told to come to camp in shape. That kind of show up ready attitude and the exuberance of youth have changed the tone in Yankee land. Let's hope the positive vibe carried over through spring training and into the regular season. This is one season I can't wait to see.

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