Friday, May 2, 2008

Here's to You Mr Robertson

Today David Robertson was promoted to AAA after Anthony Claggert was activated from the DL and assigned to AA. The Yankees already have some good young options in the pen (Ohlendorff, Ramirez, Britton, Alba) but Robertson could really put some pressure on those folks if they falter. Also, he has the ability to be a difference maker. He was a closer in college and check out his numbers so far;

Year IP Hits Ks HR ERA
2007 84.1 45 113 0 0.96
2008 18.2 8 26 0 0.96

The obvious numbers that jump out at you are the ridiculous ERA, great K/9 and the fact that he hasn't allowed a HR yet in professional ball. I have long thought that the main thing that separates the man from the boys in the pen is the ability to keep the ball in the park. Robertson might be a factor in 2008 and beyond.

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