Thursday, May 29, 2008

Top Ten Reason (This week) I want to Have Mariano's Love Child

In reverse order;
10. Convinced Edwar to throw his fastball more
9. Makes Converting Joba to a starter a no-brainer
8. Holds 'relievers only' meetings when they suck
7. Makes a mean steak
6. Has given 1 walk this year
5. Has given up 1 run all year
4. Enter Sandman is still one of the most exciting things that happens at the Stadium
3. ERA+ of 1035 - No that is not a typo.
2. 0.52 Whip
1. Did I mention the 1035 ERA+!

Sometimes we take Mo for granted but he is the undisputed best player at his position in baseball history. Undisputed. Take it all in while you can.


Baseball Bets said...

Hey, kudos to Rivera for bouncing back early from last year's subpar season, but you gotta be worried, regardless of how dominant he has been.

He's on pace to throw more innings than last year, and it was clear in the playoffs the years have taken their toll on him and they need to find a way to keep his innings down during the season, so he can pull those 2 inning saves off during the postseason. I know innings usually aren't that big a deal for closers, but they make a difference, and even more so when you're getting up there in age.

I personally don't want Rivera to get overworked and have to remember him struggling in the playoffs and being blamed for the yankees failures in the postseason because he's getting overworked. And I'm an Indians fan that hates the yankees. But I have respect for Rivera.

The yankees have been ignoring their problems for years, and this Rivera coaching the bullpen is just another example of the consequences.

BombersGM said...

Baseball Bets,
I agree that Mariano needs to have his workload constantly monitored but he is on pace for 67 inning which would be his lowest total since 1998. Also, he pitched 4.2 scoreless innings in last years postseason giving up 2 hits while striking out 6, so I didn't notice fatigue. However, at this time last year he had only 1 outing longer then an innning, this year he has 3 - something that must be monitored closely.

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