Thursday, May 1, 2008

Phantom Injury a Good Idea

Funny how Phil Phranchise develops an oblique pull right when the Yanks are faced with having to send him to AAA to get worked out. I don't believe for a second that he is really hurt.

That being said, the strategy is a good one. Putting Phil on the DL allows the Yanks to call up Rasner and allow him to take Phil's roster spot and next couple of starts without the potential blow to Phil's psyche that a straight demotion might cause. It also allows Phil to stay with Dave Eiland and work on his mechanical and mental issues with the big league pitching coach. Lastly, it will allow the Yanks to call it 'rehab starts' and have him make 2 or 3 starts in AAA, again, without having to send hm down.

I think it's a solid strategy that creates a win/win all around.


Mike said...

Dave Eiland is one of the problems. I bet he'll be sighted in Tampa with Billy Connors then on to Scranton for "rehab" starts.

YankeeGM said...


You're obviously not an Eiland fan...why don't you click the link on the sidebar and submit a guest post on why?


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