Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Anti-Yankee Bias in the Press

Jim Souhan of the Minnesota Star Tribune wrote what I'm sure he thought was a scathing article about the state of the Yankees. Instead, Souhan comes across as an ignorant homer, bitter about the Yankees' continued success and the Twins' lack of it since the days of Puckett and Hrbek.

If you want to get fired up read the article here.

The best way for us to stick his words up his keester would be a 4 game sweep in the baggy-dome, coupled with a series 0-fer by "one of the most electrifying players in Twins history" Carlos Gomez (are you kidding me? 203 at bats and a .319 OBP and he's already among the best players in Twins' history?? Get a grip!).

It's time to flick the insignificant gnat off of our forearm and kick their butts!


Camilo said...

Yo no creo que haya prensa anti-yankee. Talvez usted ve fantasmas. No se preocupe, por favor.

I don't believe about anti-Yanke press. Maybe you are seeing phantoms. Don't worry, please.

Greetings from Colombia!

Mike said...

Thats why this cluck writes for a 3rd rate, small market paper.

When he grows up and graduates middle school, he can move up to one of those throw away papers you see at a diner.

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