Thursday, May 29, 2008

Past Yankee All-Stars

In looking at the All-Star voting I came across the list of past Yankee All-Stars, a couple caught my eye;
  • Robbie Cano 2007 - I forgot Robbie made the team and with his post/pre splits I am a little shocked (.274 6hrs pre AS, .343 13hrs after)
  • Javier Vasquez 2004 -10 Wins 3.56 era at the break, 4 Wins 6.92 era after. Also made me angrier then I have ever been watching a baseball game in game 7 when he gave up the GS to Damon, well except maybe game 6 when the Stoic Joe didnt make the Yankees bunt on Curt - that still makes me so mad! Why Joe Why?!?!? I yelled that 2000 times that day, still makes me angry....damnit Joe.
  • Robin Ventura 2002 - .263 19 Hrs at the break, ended up at .247 27.
  • Mike Stanton 2001- The pick that took the reserve selections away from the managers. Was there ever a more homer of a pick?

Also, since 1933 the Yankees have had more then one representative every year but four;

  1. Bobby Murcer 1972 - Finished top ten in MVP voting, a deserved selection
  2. Steve Sax 1990 - Finished at .260/.316/.325 but had 43 steals! Maybe made it on reputation.
  3. Scott Sanderson 1991 - Ended up with 16 Wins and a 1.1 whip on a real bad team, deserved it
  4. Roberto Kelly 1992 - .272 10 Hrs and 28 sbs. This team had nobody start more then 10 games and have a winning record.

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