Sunday, May 4, 2008

Who is Darrell Rasner?

Today Darrell Rasner will take Phil Hughes spot in the rotation and even though we have seen brief glimpses of him in the past I don't think us Yankee fans really know what Rasner is all about. So let's take a look;

  • He IS NOT Aaron Small. Small was 33 and with his 11th organization when he ran off 10 wins in a row. Also, Small was a mediocre minor league while Rasner has been a pretty good one (career minor league era for Rasner is 3.41)
  • Rasner has not failed in his brief major league career. He has a 4.13 era in 52 innings, decent enough.
  • He doesn't walk people - 2.41 BB/9 in the minors
  • He keeps the ball in the park - 0.53 hr/9
  • He is not a strikeout pitcher - 6.78 k/9
  • He was released by the Nationals

Also, he was ranked as the 15th best prospect in the Nationals organization in 2006 and here is what BA had to say about him;

Rasner impressed the Nationals with his composure and maturity in major league spring training, then put up another solid, consistent performance in his first full Double A season to earn a September call up. Command is his forte, as he doesn't walk many batters and does a good job with his pitches. He has a clean arm action and compact, repeatable delivery. Though he still lacks a legitimate out pitch, Rasner works off his heavy 86-91 mph sinker. He threw a slider in college at nevada, abandoned in the second half of last year. It became a better pitch for him than his inconsistent curve and change up. Rasner still gives up too many hits and doesn't miss enough bats to be a top starter, but he could be ready for a No. 5 Starter job or long relief role for Washington in 2006.

So he seems to be a guy who could be forever over looked due to his lack of stuff and inability to strike a lot of batters out. However, you could see a pitcher with his makeup turning into an effective major league starter if given the chance. Players like Rasner are typically let go when there is a number crunch on the 40-man roster because their ceilings are so low (he would top at at best as a 3 or 4). However, his continued consistent success even at the major league level should warrant a longer look somewhere.

I expect Rasner to do an OK job, just like he did last year. I actually was there for his start against the Indians last year (the A rod grand slam game!) and he was economical and efficient kind of like a poor man's Wang. He could be a very valuable spot starter and long man in the Yankee pen. Don't be surprised if his strike throwing ability keeps him here for the long haul.

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