Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Note From YankeeGM

This morning, like just about every other, I booted my computer and scrolled through the approximately 50 different sources of Yankee news and commentary in my Google Reader. If you read more than 1 Yankee blog you encounter the same thing I do every morning - in an effort to post something, most bloggers pick up on the story of the day and report it as if their readers count on their site alone for Yankee news, and you end up seeing a lot of the same stories on multiple blogs every day.

The writers of YankeeGM think that blog readers are among the more sophisticated fans in the sports universe and probably read many blogs, not just ours. We therefore make a conscious effort not to post on items that you likely have seen 12 times already. We started this blog to give our opinion when we feel it needed to be heard - not to try and be another source of Yankee news. PeteAbe (LoHud) is with the Yanks everyday; if there's news to report he will likely have it first if not at least in a timely manner.

The obvious exception to this rule is when we feel we have a different take on things; an opinion not already expressed a gazillion times.

I don't have any issues with other bloggers writing on each and every topic - quite to the contrary, I think it's a smart way to keep readership high; I just don't have the patience to write about all the same things as everyone else. This is why we sometimes go a couple of days without posting.

Hopefully you'll keep YankeeGM a part of your everyday blog rounds. Just because we haven't posted for a couple of days doesn't mean we're no longer around. We appreciate our readers and thank you for reading YankeeGM blog.

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