Friday, May 30, 2008

Who will the Yankees Draft?

The MLB draft is just around the corner and there is not shortage(finally!) of information, some of the best;
Keith Law Projects the First Round
MLB.Com's Draft Central
Baseball America's Draft Page
River Ave Blues Does a Great Job as well

So, the question is really who are the Yankees going to target at #28 of the first round? The organization could use some high end bats but it doesn't seem likely for those to drop. The Yankees seem to have a few requirements when it comes to the drafting players;
  1. Throw right-handed
  2. Have plus velocity
  3. Want a ton of money
  4. Be a project

The best match I can find is Gerrit Cole who throws hard, is a RHP, a Boras client(wants a ton of money to skip college), and has some makeup questions around him. He has been tied to the Yankees on and by Keith Law. Here is a breakdown of him on

The good;

His projectability and his stuff, with the ability to throw three average to plus pitches, and to throw them for strikes.

Cole was throwing 95-98 mph early and settled in at 92-94 throughout his start.

The bad;

He has some mechanical issues with his delivery, with an arc in the back and a tendency to throw across his body; he gets too emotional on the mound.

Cole is a projectable high school right-hander who compares a bit to Kyle Farnsworth.

Ok the last part might be a plus, Krazy Kyle is a decent ML player with great stuff so finding him in the late first would be a good thing....I guess.

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Pablo said...

You don't have to be a right-hander... The reason they haven't picked lefties is because high-ceiling left-handers haven't fallen to them.

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