Monday, August 11, 2008


The countdown on the Yankee season has not only begun, but is running out of numbers. Now 8.5 out of the division, the wild card is looking like our only hope, and while only 4 back of Boston doesn't seems do bad when you look at it, the way we're playing it might as well be 14.

Sending IPK down is, I believe, a clue to his long term standing with the team. The Yanks know that when at AAA his numbers are gonna be gaudy. He's already shown he can dominate at that level. The only reason we'd send him back there is to let him put up gaudy numbers to increase his trade value for this off season. Bye bye Ian, it's been...frustrating.

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Anonymous said...

Kennedy + Cano + B prospect for Justin Upton. Sign Orlando Hudson in the offseason. Whattya think? Enough for Upton?

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