Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What To Do?

Let's assume the worst for a moment. Let's assume Jobe is done for 2008 (I cant even get myself to think about anything beyond that). The logical question is, ok...what then?

Unfortunately, I don't see much wriggle romm with answering the question. We sit 6.5 behind the AL East leader, and 3.5 behind the Wild Card; not a great position, but certainly not bone jarring numbers either. The problem, however, is making those games up with only 2 dependable starters.

Moose has been great, and recent struggles aside, I'd go to war with Andy Pettitte any day. Where do the other 3 starters come from?

The obvious answer is The Kids. Phil is close to returning, and according to Cash, IPK will start Saturday in Joba's spot. That leaves 1 final spot to deal with.

While shuffling the usual suspects in and seeing who performs would typically be the answer, the Yanks don't have time to allow someone to fail. Maybe revisiting the Washburn situation is a good idea. Maybe Freddie Garcia will help right away. Maybe Al Aceves or Dan Geise will step in and pitch to a sub 4.50 ERA. All possibilities, but certainly not foregone conclusions.

As it seems whatever Cash does the result will be simillar, I see no need to swap any youth in a trade. Aceves/Geise/Washburn - they all seem pretty much the same to me.

So back to the question- what do we do? Unfortunately the answer won't make many people south of UConn very happy- cross your fingers for 2008 and start looking toward a great 2009.

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