Friday, August 8, 2008

More Moose in '09? Tough Call

Who would have guessed in April that our best pitcher, our most consistent starter, our top Cy Young vote getter, our best shot at a 20 win starter would be Moose?

I read somewhere this morning that in his last 20 starts Moose's era is like 2.85 (I'm writing this on the train on my Blackberry). That's not good, it's a #1 kinda starter number!

So assuming the transformation continues and Moose wins 20 for the 1st time with an era for the season under 4; do we re-sign him?

The Yanks WILL get CC Sabathia. So that would put the following in line for a starting spot come spring-


7 viable, potentially front of the 'ro starters. This season has gone a long way toward yet again proving the adage that you can't have too much pitching. 7 starters might seem nuts, but how nice would it have been this year to have a couple of capable arms at the ready?

Even if he is lights out the rest of this year, IPK could be stashed at SWB as insurance. That would leave 6 starters. None of those 6 belong anywhere near the 'pen, either. It's not like we can stash Andy or Wang or Moose as a long man until we need him!

What Ikky does for the rest of the season will have a major impact on whether the Yanks look to re-sign Moose. 

While I am very appreciative of Moose's Yankee career, 2008 should probably be his last in pinstripes.

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Anonymous said...

this is some crazy stuff, i think moose is awesome.

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