Friday, August 1, 2008

Play vs Angels Key to Season

Ugh! The Angels! 

How we play vs them the rest of the year is going to either make or break our season; not a good thing.

We have 9 games left with them the rest of the way; 3 more at home and 6 in LA. 

Our record vs the Angels the past 4 years - 

2007: 3-6
2006: 4-6
2005: 4-6
2004: 4-5
Total: 15-23

You have to go back to 2003 to find the last year the Yanks were over 500 against the Halos (6-3).   

Assuming we play them well the rest of the regular season, they will undoubtedly be waiting for us in the playoffs as well. 

The Pudge pick-up will help a great deal vs the Angels going forward as manager Mike Scioscia loves the running game and demands his players try and wreak havoc on the base paths. 

The real problem we're going to have is pitching matchups. Tonight, for example, Sir Sid is going against Ervin Santana, and Sunday Rasner is facing staff Ace John Lackey. Without superior performances by both of our pitchers a split will be difficult after losing last night. On paper our best bets for wins were last night with Pettitte, and Saturday with Moose facing Jarred Weaver. 

The Angels are a tough club (as evidenced by the sweep in Boston and the thrashing last night). If we are to make the playoffs, and make any noise in the playoffs, we need to find a way, right now to start beating them.

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