Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Year to Forget

2008 , the final season in Yankee Stadium, has not been a very good one for the Yankees. Let's break down the low lights;

  • Young Pitching Fails - Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes were hit hard and then got hurt. They were supposed to take 2 spots in the Yankee rotation for years to come instead they failed, miserably.
  • First Round Pick Walks - One of the best arms in the draft decides on college over the Yankees. This is a huge blow to the Yanks. I know they get the same pick next in return but Cole had huge upside and will not be around when the Yankees pick in years to come.
  • Injuries - Wang, ARod, Bruney, Posada, Matsui, Hughes, Kennedy, Damon among the wounded.
  • Cano and Melky regress - Cano went from a budding star to a possibly over decent player and Melky became the worst offensive CF in baseball.
  • Jeter begins to age - decrease in steals and power appear to be a sign that Jeter is aging.
  • ARod-Problems in the clutch have returned. He might be the most frustrating player in all of baseball. You know he is the best player in the field but you can almost see him tighten up in the big spot.
  • Prospects disapoint- It hasn't been just Hughes and Kennedy who have had bad years. Others in BA's top ten who have disappointed include Jeff Marquez(4.69 era, 1.45 WHIP in AAA), Alan Horne (Injury filled and horrible 5.63era), and Tabata (Immature and finally given up on).
  • Girardi still growing as a manager - Joe has made a lot of decisions that really make u scratch your head and its clear that he is still growing as a manager.

There have been some real positive like Joba's emergence as a starter and the live young arms in the pen and with all this the Yankees still have an outside chance of making the playoffs and with the possibility of adding CC and Texiera in the offseason things could take a completely different turn in the new park. But anyway you look at it 2008 has been anything but a good far.

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