Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pitcher Hell

If given the chance, a big league pitcher would rather go anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE else.

It's where pitchers go to die.

It's the place that has turned more prospects into 'cudda beens' than anywhere else on the planet.

And now our beloved Joba, our BEAST, our 22 year old Ace for the next decade is headed there.




That's right, our Joba is headed to see the renowned velocity and stuff killer, the infamous rebuilder of broken arms, Dr. James Andrews.

This is REALLY not good. Trips to Birmingham just about NEVER work out well.

If Joba's problem was an elbow it would probably mean 18 months off and see ya in 2011. Since his issue is in the shoulder it's truely possible that under a worst case scenario, 98 becomes 91 and our Ace becomes a middling #3.

I am, of course being a bit dramatic. It is possible that DJA doesn't find a torn labrum or a rotator cuff issue. It's possible that the Yanks are just being ULTRA conservative with Joba and want to make sure there is no structural damage.

When you combine the 'pop' Joba said he felt with a trip to Birmingham, however, I am not confident.

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