Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yankee Fans HAVE to Root for Rays

The injuries to Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford, coupled with a young, over achieving pitching staff and a brutal September schedule have me convinced that the Rays are about to start a period of prolonged poor play. In their last 40 games I could see a 17-23 mark pretty easily.

But wait...what would that mean for us?

We are currently 9 behind TB, and 5 behind the Dread Sox. If Tampa does go into a long-ish losing streak as I anticipate, that would give Boston a chance to catch them for the division. If Boston catches Tampa for the division, then we have to catch Tampa for wild card.

We have 6 games left vs Boston, so making up 5 games, while difficult, is not impossible. Making up 9 games in roughly 40, though, is another story.

Our best chance, then is for me to be wrong and see the Rays play good ball from here in and win the division. That way we can catch Boston and knock them completely out of the playoffs.

Yeah, that sounds better...GO RAYS!!

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