Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2008 Yankee Lineup

Now that General Joe has taken over for Boring Joe, there is actually a chance that the Yankee lineup could change for 2008. My lineup would be:

1. Damon
When on his game JD is still among the better leadoff hitters in the game. He combines speed and power with an almost guaranteed 100 runs scored per year.

2. Jeter
No doubt the best #2 hitter in baseball. Superior bat-handeling, plus speed and a .388 career OBP make this a no-brainer.

3. Cano
97 RBI and 19 HR last year from the #7 hole; it's time. I look for this to be the year Robbie breaks out from very good, to really great. I can see a 325/25/110 season coming from Cano this year.

4. Arod

5. Abreau
A 400 OBP and plus base stealing ability allow BobbyA to act as a second line table setter for the bottom of the lineup.

6. Posada
The only problem with Jorge is his penchant for hitting into double plays, but hopefully JG runs Bobby a lot to keep them out.

7. Matsui
The #3 hitter for the bottom of the lineup. If healthy, you can pretty much guarantee 280/25/100 from Hmat

8. Giambi/Duncan
If he can stay healthy (IF, IF, IF) I can see 270/35/100 from Jason in his walk year

9. Melky
It's time for the Melk-man to take a step up. Mark Newman said he thought Melky was gonna win a batting title one day. With Ajax breathing down his neck it's time for Melky to take his production to the next level. I'd like to see 300/15/80 on his way to Bernie-like production.

So essentially my lineup has 2 mini-lineups imbedded; the top 4 and then the bottom 5. The biggest potential problem with my lineup is that Abreau is protecting Arod - another slump like early '07 and Arod won't see a pitch for months!

The biggest change from Torre's lineup is Robbie batting 3rd. I understand and can't really argue against Abreau batting there with his .400+ OBP, but I think it's time for Robbie to step up.


Butch said...

It's an interesting idea, especially considering we lack a true No. 5 hitter.

Tom said...

I agree Robbie is going to break out....But all the more reason to have him at #5.

The only reason A-Rod had the year he had was because of all the pitches he saw through Abreu. Why would you replace Abreu (who sees a LOT of pitches) with Cano (who see very few pitches).

The rest of the lineup i LOVE....but the lineup is not our problem...we need our 'big three' to come through and pitch well.

YankeeGM said...

Tom- - completely agree about the big 3, there's only so much you can write about them, however!

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