Thursday, January 10, 2008

Since Cairo is no longer Available....

And the Yankees clearly need a no-hit first baseman;

...the Yankees have interest in adding free agent Jason Lane, according to a source.
Lane, 31, was not tendered a contract by the Padres after hitting .178 with eight homers and 27 RBIs last season. He began last year with Houston and went to San Diego in a September trade.
Though Lane is a career outfielder, the Yankees believe he would be a quick study at first base, where he has appeared in four games during his six-year major league career.

Ok, so we have a bad hitter who has never played first base before, sounds like a solid plan. I have always thought defense at first base is a little overrated(sorry Donnie ballgame) and it drives me insane to see the Doug M, Cario, Andy Phillips and now possibly Jason Lane's of the world getting significant time at first base for the Yankees. If Duncan and his blood clot are an issue why not take your chances on some time for Matsui at first or even Juan Miranda?

Also interesting read a common side effect of steroids is blood clots....

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