Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mets Land Santana, The Johan Watch is Almost Over.

USA Today is reporting that the Mets and Twins have completed a deal that sends Johan Santana to the Mets in return for Carlos Gomez, Phil Humber, Deolis Guerra and Kevin Mulvey.

The deal is, of course, dependant upon the Mets coming to a long term deal with the 28 year old Santana.

This is good news for Yankee fans. We will be neither sending The Messiah to Minnesota, nor will we have to hear the incessant Johan rumors any longer.

Judging from what the Twins ultimately got for Johan, it appears as if Bill Smith VASTLY overplayed his hand. I believe that the package the Mets are giving up is far inferior to what both the Yanks and Red Sox were reported to have offered, and to what the Twins could have gotten around the winter meetings.

Rotoworld had this to say:

It's a pretty disappointing day for Twins fans.

Both packages being discussed by the Red Sox and Yankees during the winter meetings seemed more attractive to us.

Carlos Gomez and Deolis Guerra are big-time talents, but Gomez lacks plate discipline and might not fit in the top half of the lineup and an awful lot could go wrong before Guerra even sniffs the majors.

Kevin Mulvey and Phil Humber are third starters at best and probably more like fourths.

It's a whole lot better than losing Santana for draft picks next winter, but we'd have taken a Phil Hughes or Jacoby Ellsbury package over this.

Another question is why the Twins wouldn't accept a package centered around IPK and Ajax instead of the Mets package? I'm sure once The Messiah was taken out of the equation that Cash would have been happy to talk about just about any and everybody else in the farm system. The package that we suggested of IPK, Horne, Melky and Tabata is FAR superior to what the Twins got...how did Bill Smith screw this up this bad?!?

On one hand I would have loved to get Johan as long as we kept TM and Joba, but more importantly I am happy TM will be here for years to come. Johan will be an absolute monster in the NL for the next 5-7 years; Phil will be a monster for the Yanks, however, for the next 10-15 years...kudos to Cashman for pushing Hank into this decision, and kudos to Hank for listening.

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Butch said...

It's the second-best outcome for Yankee fans. We don't get him, but he's not on the Red Sox. I'd prefer he went to the Dodgers or any other N.L. team so I wouldn't have to hear Mets fans crowing about him, but whatever.

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