Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Straight from the Hughes' mouth

On his blog;
After coming back from my injury last season my mechanics were a little out of whack. This led to a little loss of velocity and command. When Dave arrived in September we were able to work out some things and I think that had a lot to do with the success I had at the end of the season. It was nice to finish off the year on a good note so I have something to work toward to get back to my normal self in 2008.

Man I sure hope so, The Messiah lives. Also, he mentions Dave Eiland in glowing terms;

This will be my 3rd season working with Dave. When it comes to my mechanics and pitching mentality I don’t think there is anyone that knows me better. Everyone is very excited to have him this season.

Definitely a vote of confidence for Eiland. He was able to fix in a week what Gator couldn't in a month? Also, check out the names of the questioners;


Dont know who scares me more deltaforce or metalboy.

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Hughes007 said...

He will dominate in 08! I love his blog, very cool.

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