Friday, January 11, 2008

I Eschew Pompous Postulation

Did you read the guest blog @ Lohud today? If you didn't, take a look.

After reading the post I proceeded to the author's blog - Yankee Republic.

Now, I am not typically one to denigrate others' writing, but about the only thing I hate more than someone preaching at me from his/her self erected alter is someone doing so in self-important, self-aggrandizing verbiage.

No one speaks that way, and his whole blog is written like that! Other than in a thinly veiled attempt to try and look smart, writing in this manner is nothing but pompous drivel. I bet that every time he finds a 5-star word in that overused thesaurus of his he rings a special bell on his desk to celebrate yet another triumph over concise, content-based writing.

Not only is it written like he is trying to impress the Dean of English studies at Oxford, but it is wholly inaccurate as well. He writes -

Why, for example, do the Yankees alone seem to project Hughes a bonafide ace?

Hughes has been in everyone's top 5 prospects in all of baseball for the past 3 years; how is that the Yankees alone? J'accuse: A Pompous Blog! And BTW - he needs a punctuation guide to go along with the Thesaurus; I haven't seen worse use of the comma since my daughter's 2nd grade Jenny Archer book report!

If you have something to say you Frazer wannabe, just say it! Don't drape a thesaurus around it and hang allegorical idioms from it like madrigal holiday sapling simply to augment your affected aplomb!


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