Monday, January 28, 2008

Go Giants

As a baseball blog we have yet to stray and write about other sports; there is some overlap in the pending Super Bowl, however, so I thought this post was important.

Probably 75% of Yankees fans live in the NY area. That that there are millions of Yankees fans that may not be rooting for the Giants this Sunday.

As Yankees fans we all have at least one person that we know that roots for the Red Sox. We all know someone who we taunted to no end after Aaron Boone and Grady Little put the Sox away in '03. And we all know someone who we have avoided like the plague the last 4 months!

With me it is my best friend from high school. He was a Met fan before moving to New Hampshire 15 years ago and rather quickly contacted a deadly strain of Bandwagon-itis through his proximity to Boston sports teams. He has been absolutely UNBEARABLE since the 'year we shall not discuss.' It has gotten even worse this year.

All he has been able to talk about is how Boston is the 'City of Champions' - you undoutedly know someone like this as well, right?

You see, after almost a century of the worst kind of pain, after 80+ years of heartbreak, after decades upon decades of being dominated by the Yankees, these Red Sox fans feel they owe us something in return.

Which brings us back to Sunday's game.

There's nothing we can do about those damn midges. We can't go back and teach poor Joe how to use a bullpen. There's nothing we can do about the Rockies failure to show up last October. All we can do now is hope and pray the NY's beloved G-Men are able to beat the Pats and at least shut the Boston crowd up until we kick their overhyped butts in '08.

So Yankee fans unite! and repeat after me - GO GIANTS!!

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